Aerial Triangulation | Part 2: Comments from a Viewer | GeoErnest

Aerial Triangulation | Part 2: Comments from a Viewer | GeoErnest

My expert photogrammetry friend, Josef, has made very important comments about Aerial Triangulation (AT) and  Direct Georeferencing for aerial camera mapping.

I thought his comments were important so I decided to make a video about it. I come from the direct Georeferencing world. He comes from the photogrammetry world. When we meet in the middle, you are getting the best of both worlds. Direct Georeferencing and AT are complementary. Put these together, you have directly georeferenced assisted AT.


I’m going to paraphrase his comments.

Josef wanted to clarify that “An aerial triangulation can be used to orient aerial images with and without given GNSS or INS data. Dependent on the data and its quality, the amount of ground control points can be reduced to FOUR or even ONE ground control point.”


He also said that “The time needed for AT processing is no longer days, but a matter of hours.

Modern computer are doing AT runs in less than 10 seconds per image. That’s fast! With given GNSS/ INS data, the time can be reduced to less than 2 seconds per image. That’s really fast!


The advantage of AT is that after it is completed, the GNSS, INS, Ground control and the orientation are controlled.

For me, this means Directly georeferenced assisted AT gets the highest accuracy in the shortest amount of time for aerial camera mapping. The best of both worlds.

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2 Responses to Aerial Triangulation | Part 2: Comments from a Viewer | GeoErnest

  1. Diljeet SIngh says:

    Hello Mr. Earnest your videos are really informative and i regularly watch the new ones. But the sound quality of this video (Aerial Triangulation | Part 2) was not good. I couldn’t hear anything.

    • GeoErnest says:

      Hi Diljeet!

      Thank you for following!

      Hmm… Youtube shows that I have sufficient sound, but let me check with my other devices.

      I appreciate your help!


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