GeoErnest is coming back!

GeoErnest Response to “Ask Me Something: GNSS Lever Arm Estimation”

Hi, GeoErnest !

Thanks for the public platform you offer here!
I ‘ve got two questions. The first one is about lever arm calibration. Read more of this post

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!

I’d like to wish you all good health, creativity, courage, and wealth in knowledge!

I hope GeoErnest will return soon!

GeoErnest Response to “Ask me Something” by Mulualem: Do Aerial Camera Self-Calibration, but be Smart

Hi Mulualem,

Should you use self-calibration? Yes! As with any calibration, you have to be extremely careful.

Self-calibration is necessary to model systematic image errors in your aerial camera. This would be focal length, principal point offsets, and the 12 or 44 parameters that describe systematic lens distortion effects. Read more of this post

Direct Georeferencing using a GNSS/INS:What is it?

Article1: Video Transcript- Direct Georeferencing using a GNSS-Inertial Navigation System (INS): What is it?

Direct georeferencing is when you can assign a geographical location on Earth to a pixel from a camera image or a digital point from a laser WITHOUT any additional measurements referencing the ground.

To make this really simple, you can take a digital picture of a scene, and because you know the position of the image and its pointing direction relative to the ground, for every object you see in the picture, you can measure its location on Earth.

Read more of this post

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