GeoErnest at InterGeo 2012!

Please come visit me at Intergeo 2012! Say,”HEY! GEOERNEST!” and introduce yourself. I’d love to get to know you. (You could break out into Gangnam style dancing if you want. I’ll join you if you do.)

I’ll be in Hall 9 – Booth no. 9E.62 – Trimble.

I’ll be wearing grey suits with bright red or pink handkerchiefs. Then we can have nerdy geo- talks about best practices, current technology, and future trends.

Mmm…Nerdy goodness.

Going to ESRI 2012 in San Diego. Will you meet me there? #EsriUC #Trimble

I am going to ESRI UC 2012 in San Diego. I am part of the Trimble team. Will you meet me there?

I’ll be bringing my video camera in case you want a video of yourself. I’d like to ask some of the following questions:

How do you define a good business relationship?

How do you keep your clients “loyal” as opposed to “satisfied”? 

See you there!

GeoErnest will launch in August 2012!

Hi Everyone!

GeoErnest, my social media initiative, is set to launch in August 2012!

GeoErnest will provide geospatial knowledge to the mapping community on what I know best: Direct Georeferencing with GNSS-INS, sensor integration, and map-production workflow. The idea is that education will help people succeed.

I often get asked the same questions so it’s best to share my answers with everyone. I believe this is going to enhance your client experience with me by providing a platform for dialogue between us.

Sign up and join the party! Ask me a question!

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